Businesses and Individual Income Tax Audits & Appeals and Tax Litigation

IRS Tax Audit

At Terrence A. Grady & Associates Co., L.P.A., we provide skilled legal representation to clients who face IRS tax audits and appeals. While many individuals do not need the help of a tax attorney during these IRS disputes, if you have been unfairly assessed or face complex audit issues, our lawyers can help.

Protecting Your Interests during IRS Audits and Appeals

Our law firm is backed by decades of tax experience. All of our attorneys have advanced degrees in taxation and the majority of our work is focused on resolving tax issues. We have a solid understanding of all tax codes and IRS regulations and procedures, and we are able to easily identify legal facts to support your position.

Facing an audit means dealing with IRS agents specifically trained to find errors and omissions in your returns. They will dig deep into your past returns, financial accounts and business records. When the IRS agents make accusations based on their findings, it can leave you vulnerable for substantial assessments. While the IRS may see red flags with items such as passive activity loss, income not being reported or excessive business expenses, our lawyers know how to defend your position with valid legal arguments.

It is important to remember that an initial assessment or audit determination from the IRS does not have to be the final one. We can appeal your matter. Our lawyers understand how to negotiate with the IRS. With skilled legal research and evidence, we can help eliminate additional assessments, penalties and fines; or find alternative repayment solutions that are manageable for you.

Contact Our Ohio Lawyers for Help in Appealing Tax Audits

If you are a small-business owner, an individual in a high tax bracket, or face any other complex tax issues, contact our Columbus law firm for help with your IRS audit or appeal. The government uses significant resources to collect on money it feels it is owned. Do not attempt to resolve these matters without the legal strength of a qualified tax attorney.