Firm Overview

Terry Grady started his boutique tax law firm in 2003. Mr. Grady combines his 30 years of legal experience, his advanced tax law degree (LL.M. Taxation), his financial and accounting background as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and his criminal and litigation experience as a former federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice (DOJ) Criminal Tax Division in Washington, D.C., to provide high caliber civil and criminal tax representation covering a wide array of federal and State tax issues. His firm concentrates its representation on civil and criminal tax controversies and tax litigation covering all aspects of tax representation before the IRS and the States. This representation includes providing substantive transactional business and personal tax advice, asset protection planning, international taxation, maneuvering through the IRS, complex IRS liability/collection representation, general business representation, and IRS criminal tax and other federal white collar financial crimes defense representation.

A very large segment of the Firm’s practice and Mr. Grady’s specialty is civil tax controversies and litigation which includes maneuvering tax matters through the Internal Revenue Service and the Courts. This entails the entire gambit of dealings with the IRS from audit representation, appeals representation, complex collection representation, fraudulent conveyances, and all types of tax disputes and litigation. Over his more than 30 years of practice, Mr. Grady has been in just about every controversy imaginable with the IRS. This type of representation requires a very solid understanding of the Internal Revenue Code and tax laws and their application to particular matters.

In additional to the specialty in civil tax controversies and litigation, the Firm specializes in criminal tax and other white collar federal criminal defense representation (federal offenses and federal courts only). Mr. Grady’s initial and very fortunate experience as a federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice’s Criminal Tax Division at main Justice in Washington, D.C. and his experience in going around the country prosecuting people for federal tax crimes provided him with unique insights into federal criminal tax administration practices and policies.   Because of Mr. Grady’s tax and business background and his understanding of the procedural and substantive provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, he can distinguish himself from most criminal lawyers in these types of cases because he understands and can maneuver around the complex business and perhaps tax aspects of a case without having to totally rely on other non litigation type attorneys.

Finally, the Firm also engages in a wide array of tax planning type and personal and business transactional planning work. This entails counseling individuals and businesses on the tax aspects of various transactions. The Firm becomes very, very conversant on whatever the tax laws are for the issues we are addressing in these types of matters.

Mr. Grady’s goals for his practice and his passion for this type of specialty type work have been focused on providing responsive, competitively priced, and superior legal representation in the areas of civil tax litigation and planning and criminal tax defense. Since opening his firm in 2003, the Firm has almost exclusively been involved in handling civil and criminal tax matters.   With respect to his life’s work, attorney Grady says “I am so passionate about these areas and like what I do so much that making money has never been the objective. Rather, I have found that by passionately pursuing and doing good work, the money is merely a byproduct.” That is Mr. Grady’s philosophy and it is apparent in every facet of the firm’s practice.

Mr. Grady has also served on and chaired various committees of the Columbus Bar and American Bar Association Taxation Committees, as well as being an adjunct professor in Capital University’s Masters in Tax Law Program for the last twenty years. Mr. Grady has presented courses in Tax Procedure, Advanced Tax Procedure, and Tax Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

Attorney Kate Dodson has been with the firm since 2006. Prior to working with the Firm, Kate worked as a tax consultant with Ernst & Young, LLP. Attorney Dodson is a 2004 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Capital University Law School, and also obtained her LL.M. in tax law in 2005. While obtaining her advanced law degree at Capital University Law School, attorney Dodson had the pleasure of studying under attorney Grady. Based upon her superior academic performance, and eagerness for working the tax litigation field, attorney Grady hand selected her to become the first of his associates with the Firm. Throughout the years of mentorship and working closely with attorney Grady, Kate developed her civil and criminal tax practice and knowledgeably handles complex tax matters and disputes. Kate is regular presenter for the Columbus Bar Association, Ohio Society of CPAs, and the Constitution Center on emerging tax issues. Kate has been named to the Ohio Rising Stars list, which recognizes superior achievement in the top young lawyers in the State of Ohio. She has been honored with this selection.