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White Collar Crime — Tax Crime in Columbus, OH
Federal White Collar Crimes Defense – Protecting Your Freedom

The United States government has an extremely large investigative force with an arsenal of potential charges and theories of offenses. In this criminal area, there is absolutely no room for error. It is critically important that you get involved as soon as you can.

A Solid Defense from a Lawyer with a Sophisticated Background

At Terrence A Grady & Associates Co., L.P.A, our attorneys can start working on your defense before charges are filed. We are one of the most respected tax and federal white collar crime defense law firms in Ohio, with a significant track record of success. Backed by more than 30 years of legal experience, Mr. Grady provides aggressive legal advocacy to those accused of federal fraud, financial and securities crimes, as well as those charged with tax evasion. signing and filing fraudulent income tax returns. failure to file tax returns, failure to pay taxes, and a range of additional tax crimes.

Defending against white collar and tax crimes involves highly complex financial analysis that many lawyers are not equipped to address. Mr. Grady, however, has a solid financial background, including CPA credentials and experience. Along with all of the attorneys at our firm, he also holds an advanced degree in taxation.

Whether you are concerned about an initial investigation, are facing a grand jury or have already been indicted, our lawyers can help. We take a proactive approach to resolving white collar and tax criminal matters. Our lawyers work tirelessly to secure the necessary evidence to stay one step ahead of the prosecution at all times.

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There is a lot at stake when you face criminal charges. Our lawyers will take you matter as seriously as you do. Contact us today and learn how our strategic defense tactics can help you.